Reformation Doctrine

Reformation doctrine 2Reformation Doctrine is a 10-week Bible study I wrote to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It has been a big and joyful undertaking for me. I wanted to make it available to those who can’t physically be at the study and any who just might be really interested in this topic.

The goal of the study is to look at the major doctrinal changes that happened during the reformation and see for ourselves how they were born from Scripture itself. This really is a study of the Bible.

You can download the study below and follow along with the recorded teaching. Also, we used a book called, Why The Reformation Still Matters by Reeves and Chester to guide us. I’ll link to Amazon below where you can purchase it.


Why The Reformation Still Matters 

You can listen to the teaching here:

Week 1, Reformation Doctrine: Introduction

Week 2, Reformation Doctrine: Justification (taught by Jason Meyer)

Week 3, Reformation Doctrine: Scripture

Week 4, Reformation Doctrine: Sin

Week 5, Reformation Doctrine: Grace (taught by Pam Larson)

Week 6, Reformation Doctrine: The Cross (taught by Pam Larson)

Week 7, Reformation Doctrine: Union With Christ

Week 8, Reformation Doctrine: The Spirit

Week 9, Reformation Doctrine: The Church and Practice

Week 10, Reformation Doctrine: Everyday Life