fellowship for sale?

On more than one occasion I have been invited to come and buy things from ladies’ home businesses. Sometimes on the invitation to come and buy things it will also include an invitation for fellowship at the home business event.

This leads me to wonder, must I come and buy something in order to fellowship?

This question is especially pertinent when I have never “fellowshipped” with the host before. Perhaps they are an acquaintance or casual friend whose home I’ve never been invited to prior to this occasion. And so the invitation to fellowship is conditional, in essence, saying: you can fellowship with me if you are willing to buy my stuff (or at a minimum sit through a presentation on why you should buy my stuff).

This is not to say that fellowship will not happen at a home business event. To the contrary, wherever Christians are gathered, fellowship will (one would hope) occur.

Now to the ackward point of the rejection of the invitation. If the invitation had simply been to buy stuff, I could reject without a second thought. But because fellowship has been added, I feel as though I am personally rejecting whoever has sent the invitation. Not only do I not want to buy their stuff, it also appears I don’t want to spend time fellowshipping with them.

What do you think? Am I making a mountain of a molehill? How does this apply to having a bookstore at church? Comments welcome.