My name’s Abigail. I’m a wife to Tom, the guy whose shoulders have expanded to carry our whole crew.

We are the Dodds. The history of our name is a bit amusing. Dodd is an English word meaning rounded hill, as in The Great Dodd. The name Dodds also has Germanic and Welsh origins, as in dud, meaning small rounded man. It seems either way we’re closely descended from hobbits.

We are members at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Twin Cities. I write stuff: articles, Bible studies, a book, the occasional song, and of course, this blog. Our youngest son has special needs, or, what we used to call, disabilities. Working through that reality has been a hard providence from our loving God and has shaped our family in gracious ways.

In the world’s eyes (and my own), a stay-home mom of five, managing feeding tubes, piano lessons, Lego league, and constant chauffeuring, has little to offer. And without Christ, that’s true. Thankfully I’m not without Christ–he has apprehended me and put me safe in himself (Col. 3:1–3). Even more, he has put himself in me: the hope of glory (Col. 1:27) and given me life by his Spirit (Rom. 8:9–11).

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, more was happening than the death of a man. The nails that were pounded in Christ’s flesh, were simultaneously nailing our record of sin and debt to that same cross and it was God’s hands pounding away on the nail (Col. 2:14). He loves us. We don’t just get to live because of Christ, we get to die with him–die to sin and our old selves–that’s how we get free. And one day, we will surely be resurrected with him, and appear with him in glory (Rom. 6:5–11; Col. 3:4).

Christ is before all things; he made all things; he holds it all together (Col. 1:15–20). Even us; even this blog. My mission is to draw myself and others to the reality that Christ is all and all is Christ’s so that one day we will be presented mature in him to the praise of God’s glory (Col. 1:28). 



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