flu shot fiasco

So, I took the three kids and myself into the ped’s office yesterday.  We went because Seth wasn’t feeling well, (turns out he had an ear infection–now being treated..) and ended up getting our flu shots.

The nurse comes in and says, “Who wants to go first?!” Eliza raises her hand and jumps up.  She climbs on the table and takes it like a man.  She was really brave (the look of horror she gave me, though, as if to say, ‘why didn’t you tell me it would hurt like this?’ got the guilt going).

Then Seth happily jumps up on the table, not having heard or seen anything to forewarn him from his sister.  As the nurse put the needle in, his whole body flung around and he grabbed her arm so she couldn’t inject it. So I came and held him while she finished and he did his angry yell-cry for a good 3-5 min, with an even more recriminating look at me.

By now, Elianna and Eliza are crying at the trauma inflicted on Seth.  I start to put 14-month old Elianna on the table and Eliza starts screaming, “No Mom! Don’t let them do it to Elianna!  Don’t let them hurt her! No, Mom, no!”

My reassurances that it was for her good went unheard with the noise around me.  After they were finished with Elianna, it was my turn.  At this point I am sounding ridiculously cheerful, saying, “It’s ok kids!  Look, it’s Mommy’s turn!  Watch how Mommy gets her shot!  It will be fun!  We can have a sucker soon!”

We left with suckers and stickers firmly in hand.  The yell-cry and screaming had ceased and all I had left to show for it were my raw nerves and a snoopy band-aid on my right arm.

Have you had your flu shot?