guests aren't strangers… for long

It occurs to me that many more people read this blog than comment on it.  In fact, most of the people who read it don’t comment. 

This is completely fine.  Some of you don’t wish to comment and I don’t want you to feel pressured to do so.  But, some of you may be hesitating for other reasons that I’d like to put to rest, such as:

1) You don’t feel you have anything earth-shattering or new to offer.  I disagree.  I think you do.  It may be small, it may seem insignificant, but it’s not, not to me.  A simple “yes, right on!” or “no way, lady,” will do.

2) We’ve never met.  You think commenting is only for people acquainted with me.  Nope, this is a public blog and I hope for people that I’ve never met to comment.  It energizes and encourages me.  If it helps, think of yourself as a guest here. You already know something about me.  I’d enjoy knowing something about you. 

3) We are loosely affiliated or you know of me or this blog through someone else and think it would be weird to comment.  Nope, you can just tell me our connection.  I’m happy to hear from you.

4) You disagree with what I’m saying and everyone else who’s commenting seems to agree.  Don’t worry, I am excited to hear differing view-points to sharpen me and make me think.  I only ask that we refrain from name-calling and respect the Bible as the final authority.  I think vigorous debate can be highly beneficial.

5) You’re worried that someone will recognize your name or are uncertain about the safety of cyberspace.  Um, I don’t have an answer for that one… it seems fine to me?  Sorry, that’s probably not very reassuring.  

If you’re here, you probably enjoy the blogosphere.  So do I.  It’s OK to join in the conversation (or not).  It takes courage to write a comment.  I don’t take commenters for granted.  It means a lot that someone would take the time to respond to something I’ve written.  Often enough, the comments are more insightful than the original post!

So, dear courageous reader, known and unknown, come on out and say hi!  You are certainly a guest and maybe a stranger, but you can put an end to the stranger thing now.  

Men, women, moms, singles, marrieds, and crazies (you know who you are) all welcome.