does your pastor preach?

This past Sunday, Mother’s Day, our pastor gave a poignant intro to his sermon.

In this intro, he explained what he means by “preaching”.  I found it to be very helpful and foundational.  So many post-moderns aren’t used to being preached to.  To be sure, preaching has a very negative association attached to it.  But God has ordained and commanded preaching for the advancement of the Gospel and the growth and sanctification of His church.

We’re so much more used to lectures or talks or a series or even a testimony.

Here’s what Pastor John had to say:

So what do you think?  Does your pastor preach?  Or would you rather hear a relevant* 15 minute “talk” on how to… improve your finances, sex life, parenting, or productivity?

*Relevant is a subjective term.  I’m using it loosely, as I believe preaching the Word is much more eternally relevant than a how-to talk.