gospel in ten words or less

Demian, over at Fallen and Flawed (great blog, by the way), asked 12 bloggers, including me, to summarize the Gospel in 10 words or less.

It was a tough one for me, but here’s my response:

“Jesus’ blood calls, converts, cleanses, cures, carries the once condemned.”

How would you summarize the greatest story ever told if you only had 10 words to do it?  One of the bloggers, Kevin DeYoung, did it in three words.  Whoa.  Go over to the original post to see how he did it (and who he was quoting)!

I found it to be a great exercise.  Thinking about the Gospel (and talking about the Gospel and writing about the Gospel, etc) is the most important thing I do each day.  I am never not in need of the Gospel.  It’s the Gospel that’s brought me through the last couple weeks and is bringing me through today and will one day carry me home.

So take this opportunity to meditate on the big stuff of the Gospel.  And leave your summary in 10 words or less in the comments.

3 thoughts on “gospel in ten words or less

  1. Hi Abigail!

    Good choice of ten words! Because accepting God’s grace for myself is a daily struggle, I would say –

    “Because of His red blood, I am now purely white.”

    Also, I looked at the other contributors and was delighted to see Michael Patton from the Parchment and Pen blog on there. Michael was my singles pastor down here at my church in Dallas (Stonebriar Community). He has an enormous passion to teach laypeople theology so they are not easily swayed and has started a ministry to do just that. He has an amazing testimony and an abundance of knowledge. His blog is really interesting, so if you ever get a chance, I’d encourage you to look at it. He loves discussion, so occasionally he’ll say something just to get a healthy, back-and-forth discussion going, but it’s good stuff!

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