gay ice cream?

The Hubby Hubby tub feautures a picture of two men getting married

Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating Vermont’s legislation for gay marriage.  They’re changing the name of their Chubby Hubby ice cream to Hubby Hubby for the month.

I am saddened.  While they peddle homosexuality as fun rainbow-y party with no consequences (not just bereft of consequence, but a noble cause of equal rights), we should be reminded of the stark contrast with which the Bible speaks of this sin, and every sin.

Can you imagine if other sins were glorified in this way?  They might have “cheating chocolate” ice cream or “let’s shoplift sherbet” or “slander sundaes.”  It’s not ok to glorify sin.  And it is ok to be outraged by it.  As long as we’re willing to look at our own areas of sin and do battle with them while we call others to a higher standard.

So, Hubby Hubby ice cream.  Another call for repentance.  Not just for gays, but for all of us.  Let’s remind ourselves of the true meaning of God’s rainbow and praise Him today that He keeps His promises and tremble at His justice in doing so.

5 thoughts on “gay ice cream?

  1. That is HORRIBLE; absolutely outrageous. And yes, homosexuality is wrong. Not an opinion, but it’s what the Word of God very plainly teaches.

  2. I heard about this as well. You’ve done a good job at making it known and calling it what it is, namely, sin.

    Thanks for speaking truth – I’m going to put a link to your post on my site! 🙂

  3. Dear Abigail,

    I didn’t know your mom’s favorite ice cream was now ‘Hubby Hubby’. Somehow, I doubt we will see it in our freezer again.

    You are exactly right in your analysis. We should tremble before a holy and just God, He who positioned the stars with His fingers and knows them all by name. It is only His grace that keeps this world spinning on its axis. Ben and Jerry flaunt their sin before Him. Shame on them and shame on us when we do the same. I thank God for his mercy!


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