The Minnesota Taco

I’m excited to introduce you to… THE Minnesota Taco!

Original ideas are few and far between in my brain. Pretty much never happen. But, this taco happened upon me out of hunger and necessity. The fridge offered these: leftover roast, some extra sharp cheese that I wanted eat before it went bad, and corn tortillas. My first Minnesota Taco!

Since then I’ve upgraded it a bit. Here’s how it goes:

Pot Roast. 5 lb. boneless chuck roast, to be exact. Rubbed and rested with a Southwest dry rub and onion powder, dredged in flour, browned in olive oil, kept company with a red onion, celery and a 2 cups of water and put in the oven, lid on, at 325 for 5 hours until it’s falling apart. Your typical roast.

Then I got out my trusty corn tortillas. Because that’s how I do.

I put on some of the juicy meat. Lots of juices.

Then some onions. I like the red and I like that there’s no spiciness left in them. Just plain cooked out with only sweetness left.

Next the mashed potatoes. These are a vital element of making these a Minnesota Taco. Not too much! Just the right amount.

Then, the cheese. I used extra sharp white vermont cheddar. I’ve also used yellow cheddar. Both are good. The white is my fave. Whatever color, the extra sharp is key. That’s what makes these tacos sing. They sing Children of the Heavenly Father, in case you were wondering, like all good Minnesotan Swedes.

Here’s Tom enjoying his first Minnesota Taco. In a flour tortilla, cause that’s how he does.

Whelp, that’s it. Very simple, very tasty. Great for winter and therefore, great for Minnesota. Now don’t go and break it to me that this is in no way original and that so-and-so has made these forever. There’s nothing new under the sun, I suppose. But originality is ignorance is bliss.

Eat Minnesota Tacos! Skol Vikings!