Moving Houses, Keeping Home

We moved. Not a far away move, but a move nonetheless. We’ve been in our new home 4 weeks.

4 weeks is long enough to know that changing houses can feel like a whole new world, yet it’s also long enough to know that all the basics are still the same.

Children still love to gather flowers for their mom.

wild flowers
wild flowers

Mantles must still be dusted. Dusting is no respecter of mantles or anything else–it applies itself quite broadly.

wpid-mantle.jpgLaundry waits for no one. Clothes get just as dirty here as they did there. Sheets still have to be changed. Even with the joys of a laundry shoot, the clothes don’t put themselves away at a new house.

wpid-laundry.jpgFlowers still need watered. Grass needs mowed. Weeds need pulled. Kids need to help out. Parents need to keep on keeping on.

wpid-mowing.jpgThe old iron horse head still must have his place on the deck, keeping guard, watching us eat, getting pooped on by birds.

wpid-ironhorsehead.jpgAnd our little family has moved, but we haven’t changed. We still need the Lord as much as ever–even more. We still need Him to grant life and faith and repentance and growth. We still trust Jesus for all He’s done for us and for His steadfast intercession. We still depend on the Spirit to be our daily Helper, our Guide, our Groaner. We still ask for His fruit.

What a surprise to notice that, before the old blossoms have died, a new and promising shoot has sprung up on my orchid. He has supplied new life–fruitfulness multiplied. May it be so in this home.


In 4 short weeks the Lord has proved, again, that He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, forever. He doesn’t forsake His children when they change homes. He doesn’t leave them alone or cast them out.

When He gives a gift, even a physical one, He gives it as a loving Father who delights in His child. Our response to the gift says something about us, not Him. Our suspicion, our stiff-arming, or on the other hand, our clutching and grasping, our gorging for more, all reflect on us. But His gifts are good and a child in the secure arms of Jesus simply says, “Thank you,” and gets to work making good use of the talents on loan.

May you do that for us, Lord. Put us to work for your kingdom, through the gift of a home on loan from you. What joy is found in these small renderings, for from him and through him and to him are all things. He gets the glory while our joy knows no bounds.

We have changed houses, but our home will always be kept in Him.

4 thoughts on “Moving Houses, Keeping Home

  1. Hi Abigail, Yes, the Lord is with us wherever we are; he provides, guides, strengthens, forgives, renews; we lean on him, trust in him, listen for him, wait on him, are filled with his love and know his mercy and grace have no bounds; we find his work everywhere before us – living, being, breathing his presence we share life with those around, finding joy in the midst of struggle, beauty in what the world calls unbeautiful, peace in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty … praise and glory be to our Lord. Blessings on your day.

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