Warding Off Darkness By Laughing At What’s To Come


As I vote today, I’m remembering that the act of voting was secured for me by sacrifices I didn’t make. I’m giving thanks for those sacrifices as I vote. I’m also remembering that every single act of my life as a Christian was secured for me at an infinitely higher cost by my Savior Jesus. Every act of our life in Christ is of significance beyond our telling or voting. From eating and drinking to giving my kids a hug in the morning to making dinner. Every thing we do by faith as his children, we do in Christ and for Christ. It’s all blood bought and costly, because *we ourselves* are blood bought. We are redeemed, new people. 

So I vote and give thanks that this act of voting is an act I do belonging to Christ and for him. I vote by faith—faith in Jesus, not a party or a candidate. Then I hug my husband and teach my kids about the real cost of freedom in Christ—a freedom that can never be quenched. I stoke the flames of *that* fire—one whose light will never go out.

My worth as a woman doesn’t come from my ability to vote, although I’m thankful for it. We were made by him and for him; our names are written on his palms. Our influence is deeper and broader and realer than anything we find inside the ballot box. When I laugh at what’s to come with my kids in the Gospel-soaked air of our home by faith, I do as much to ward off the darkness as any vote.

So I vote, then I exercise the real guts of my freedom, a freedom bestowed by God through Jesus. The freedom to pass this faith on to others, which is unable to be contained by laws; the freedom to know YAHWEH, that is Christ the Lord; the freedom to be loved by God and to love others. We are free to be his, friends. Today is a day for thankfulness.

3 thoughts on “Warding Off Darkness By Laughing At What’s To Come

  1. Awesome Abigail. Thank you for that. You put into words my very thoughts today and made sense of them. Happy election day! I’m so happy that God chose me!

    Carolyn Krech


  2. Beautiful. I feel much the same as you and even though I decided to abstain this election I know that voting or not voting, living in this country is merciful, even if I cringe at current affairs. I so feel what you said about laughing at what’s to come, that’s how fear and death have no hold, because we are free, Indeed. P.S. Loved your DG piece, very encouraging and what I have been mulling and sometimes writing about for years.

    1. Thanks Ellie. Saw you on twitter and love your art and passion for charlotte mason. We do a part time school (three days/week at school, then two at home) that incorporates a lot of her methodology. It’s a mix of montessori, classical and charlotte mason. Keep mulling, keep writing.

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