what were you supposed to do?

So often we have what we want to do, then we have what we train to do, and finally we have what we actually do.

It’s great if the first and last match up, regardless of what comes in the middle.

I wanted to do a great many things, but mostly I wanted to be a wife and a mom.  And that’s what I am.  But what was I supposed to do according to my training?  I have degrees in writing and political science.  I worked briefly at a pro-life lobby and education group after I graduated, which fit my training perfectly, as I did writing and research for them (along with any other menial jobs that were around to do).

Then I started having babies and that part of life was done.  At least in the work-for-pay realm of existence.

Lots of people train for one thing and end up doing something entirely unrelated.  Some people long to be something, but feel the need to have a practical degree.  Women who desire to be homemakers often get degrees that they feel will be practical if Mr. Wonderful doesn’t show up.

And for those who do end up with the coveted Mrs. degree, they are sometimes made to feel that their education was a waste, since now all they do is stay home.  I’ve never felt that way.  I think my education has been useful in every way, even if I don’t earn money under the pretense of it.

Mr. TommyD has degrees in computer science and physics, but he really doesn’t use either.  He runs a business, and although it is in the technology industry, he doesn’t work on computers himself.

So, what were you supposed to do?  Does it line up with what you really do?  How do you account for it?  Does it feel like a waste or a kind Providence?